This is the description of F-class-Prepreg-DMD-Flexible-Laminates

Epoxy-resin Prepreg DMD Flexible Laminates

Polyester film with Non-woven fabric

In accordance with GB/T5591.3.1-2008

Description: Epoxy-resin Prepreg DMD is a three-layer flexible material, produced by impregnating F-class DMD combined material into heat-resistant epoxy resin, and then cured to B-stage. DMD-P is for short.

Advantage: It has comparatively good heat-resistance, sound dielectrically property and mechanical property. It is compatible with most gels, resins and varnishes. When cured to C-stage in moderate temperature, it will firmly adhere on the surfaces of copper or aluminum metals, without producing any small molecular volatiles.

Application:The DMD-P is suitable for layer insulation of copper foil or aluminums foil on low-tension coils of dry-type transformers as well as suitable for transformer barrier tube, slot and turn-to-turn insulation of B-class and F-class motors and electrical appliances.


• Thermal class:  F(155℃)

• Thickness:  0.13-0.50mm

• Standard width: 1000mm  (or according to customers’ requirements)

• Color: white, green, blue , pink and according to customers’ requirements

• Form:  roll, sheet, and strip

• Adhesive property: 180℃±2℃, 10 minutes no delamination, blister, or adhesive flow.

• Certification: UL products certification.

• Superiority: Reasonable price, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.


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